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I am a self-taught web developer, seeking an appropriate position as a “junior front-end web developer”. I also have client facing experience. I am currently studying the full stack web development curriculum. I have several years “personal” experience with WordPress, May 2013 – present, experience includes, site development, SEO & Social Media. Design packages include SHOPIFY and WordPress. More recently 2020 LOGO and Banner design Blender 3D.

My Skills.

Web development

Full Stack Curriculum: Completed Modules. || IDE’s and Editors

HTML5 CSS3 WordPress Bootstrap 4 JavaScript Dreamweaver CS 4 Web Ex 4 Visual Studio 2017 Brackets Sublime Test 3 VB.Net Basics IT Training

Full Stack Curriculum: Modules Started / Studying || (” To complete”)

Python Basics: CPython, 3.4 Interpreter PHP JavaScript ES 6 | jQuery Twitter MySQL | MonGo | NoSQL, Angular Node.js Git Ajax and more.


Microsoft Digital Literacy - Computer Security and Privacy

Software Development Fundamentals (Microsoft MVA)

Software Developement Fundamentals MVA Certificate

ECDL Level 2

ECDL Level 2 Qualification

Career History

Web Development – Self Study Training

28/12/2018 – Present

I am a self-taught developer studying the full stack path I am working through over 250 hours of video training, working on practice projects as part of my web development path. As complete projects are built, I will be link them to my website. When not studying I am working on personal projects: http://www.devcoder.me.uk and refreshing 3D Software skills Blender 3D

Office Administration – Part Time

09/01/2020 – Present

I work part time (1 day a week) undertaking basic office administration duties as required.

Electronic Rainbow Entertainment ~ Social Media / SEO development

08/02/2020 – Present

SEO project working as freelance Social Media / SEO developer helping develop strategies to improve Search Engine rankings, and improve Social Media presence whilst increasing customer retention, and further developing lead generation.

Tony Hearn ~ Shopify E-Commerce Project.

15/07/2019 – 16th /08/2019

This project was developed to create a full shopify site, and I was tasked with finding information on, the integration process of Instagram and Facebook, and the fundamentals of Facebook Business. My time was divided researching integrations for social media, site development, theme design and build, during this project I had the opportunity to interact directly with rudimentary coding. Tools and applications basic images, and Content management, testing and summarising customer service and helpdesk plugins and the final installation and integration of Orderify, Support Tickets Plus and Returns Magic.

Securitas UK: Digital Investitive professional / Relief guard

21/11/2017 – 04/09/2019

Digital | Technical Skills Investigating, saving, and creating evidence to be used regarding current investigation. Help with IT problems, storage, file management, and advise on error message in Word, Excel and Windows 10. CCTV, auditing.

IT | Technical Skills I am very passionate about tech. When not working as security officer, I still volunteer to help family, friends, and neighbours with tech problems, upgrades, builds, equipment procurement, etc (A+ type stuff). I build small projects in VB.Net and Python. I still occasionally dabble with Linux OS, and read my CEH manuals, Pentest+, A+, books, I like to build Virtual machines, etc.

Anti-Stalking Advocate.

1/02/2014 – 1/01/2019

Help victims understand how to deal with system administrators, Subject Access Request (SAR) regarding data removal, different country laws on cyberstalking & cyber harassment, track IP addresses, use / understand email tracking, install physical security equipment, property security, harden systems, backup data, gather and create evidence logs, install & understand vehicle security. In addition, I give situational awareness presentations on security.

Employer: Technical Volunteer (Benefit Recipient)

16th /05/ 2017 – 21st / 11 / 2017

Technical Skills: Volunteered to help friends, family with computer, technical problems, printer problems, system cleaning, training Windows 10. Storage, updates, backups, routine maintenance, storage, and file management, basic data recovery.

IPM: CCTV Operator, Control Room Operative

9th /05/ 2017 - 24th / 09 / 2017

NPS: Case Administrator. (Temp Role (Staff Sickness))

21st /11 / 2016 – 19th/12/2016

MITIE: Relief Front of House, &, Basic Security Officer

5th /10/ 2015 – 14th /10/2017

Showsec International Ltd: Security officer duties

26th / 03 /2015 – 15th / 02 /2016

PACT (HMP Nottingham): Visitor Centre – Volunteer

2nd / 07/2015 – 22nd /09/2016

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